Biomarkers (LC-MS & ligand binding)

Biomarker services

Biomarkers are increasingly important in pharmaceuticals development and have a wide range of potential clinical utilities. In particular is early phase decision making as indicators of safety and efficacy. We have a wealth of experience in detection and quantitation of biomarkers in a wide variety of matrices.

Our biomarker services can be adapted to your specific requirements:

Assay development - Feasibility assessment, establishment and development with a wide variety of analytical methodologies, species and matrices.

Validation - Leading expertise in helping clients develop the most appropriate strategies for validation based on the purpose of the biomarker. We validate both in-house and commercial assays to GCP or GLP standards in line with current regulations. All instruments have completed GxP standard computer systems validation.

Quantification - As a measure of drug safety or efficacy, or to prove a new drug’s mechanism of action. We have the capability for small and large molecules, molecular diagnostics and cell based assays.

Capacity - As a pioneer in new analytical approaches and technology, LGC has invested in a broad range of analytical platforms and has one of the largest bioanalytical facilities with more than 200 scientists dedicated to drug development. This allows us to deliver a broad range biomarker solutions including the most large and complex clinical programmes.

Methods and instrumentation - our cutting-edge laboratories are well equipped with the latest technology to meet your bioanalytical needs, allowing us to offer a range of assays to meet your pre-clinical to late phase drug development, including:

Plate readers – 3 x PerkinElmer Envision readers enabling a broad scope of immunochemical capabilities

Quanterix HD-X GxP validated

Multiplex analysis 2 x Luminex Magpix, 2 x MSD™ sector 600 readers

High sensitivity assays – LGC are the first lab in Europe to offer a fully GxP validated Quanterix HD-X analyser, enabling commercial kit validations and homebrew method development using the Quanterix Simoa technology.

LGC has successfully completed a validation of Neurofilament-Light (Nf-L) in healthy human serum and plasma on one of Europe's first fully validated and compliant HD-X systems. Click here to see data summary

Automated platforms - Clinical analysers (e.g. Immulite 1000/Randox Daytona+) and 2 x Gyros xP (Gyrolab™) workstations

Flow Cytometry - 2 x Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX, 13-colour, flow cytometers installed in a dedicated cell culture suite

Unique Protein LC-MS service LGC has a dedicated team of scientists focussed specifically on utilising LC-MS/MS for protein detection